Monday, August 17, 2015

Twenty Five years ago today....

Twenty five years ago my two partners said "I do" and our family began. A couple of years later and Nicholas was born turning two into three. Several years later our paths crossed and now our family (along with our fur babies) is complete.

My loves on their wedding day!

My heart is filled with so much love and joy for the both of them as we celebrate this important milestone. Twenty five years is a lot of time (300 months, 9131 days, and 219,145 hours to be exact). Each of those years holding their own joys, triumphs, and challenges. But never a challenge too much for the two of them and now the three of us to bear. For our love and commitment to each other not only helps us survive storms, but it also helps us thrive!

The three of us snuggling while I was in a flare.
I look forward to the next twenty five years and the life we're building together. I look forward to book tours, watching our beautiful and super smart God daughter grow, RV trips and so, so much more! Our home is becoming everything we want it to be and more!

They say through sickness and health but you two have truly proven what that means. I'm SO grateful for that computer lab at Miami University and that white mini skirt!

I'm so in love with you both!! Happy 25th Anniversary to them!!    <3  <3  <3

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Indiana University Survey on Non-Monogamous Relationships

I just finished taking a survey on non-monogamous relationships. I can't tell you how excited this makes me! Yeah, I get it, it's just a survey but it means that other people are opening their mind and eyes to the idea of non-monogamy that doesn't involve swinging, dark dungeons, and cheap hotel rooms.

So if you happen to be poly, have a gander at the survey and see if you'd be interested in taking it! Indiana University survey on non-monogamous relationships

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

This past May, we celebrated being married for four years, together almost five now.  That's right, Dan Savage (@fakedansavage), we beat three years! Dan has had a lot of issues with poly folk and I believe issued an apology. Polyamory in the News posted an article back in August 2014 on this very matter. I'm not here to pick on Dan though.

I'm here to celebrate and honor the love our relationship has. Its uniqueness, it's laughter, and humor. Of course because life doesn't come without them, we also celebrate our sorrows and hurdles together.

Let's catch up....

Anyone who goes back and reads this blog from day one probably would have placed money on us not being together. From an outside perspective I wouldn't blame them. What kept us together though was this feeling, this knowledge that deep down inside, this relationship is right.

How are we? Life. IS. Good! Perfect? Nah, that would be boring.

No doubt that first year was tough. I had no clue how to fight, no clue how to accept unconditional love, and a hotel cart trolley full of baggage that needed to be unpacked. Furthermore there really aren't any books on our type of relationship.  How to work through the issues and not just break up because it's not "normal." We all had some issues that needed to be worked through. So that's what we did. And the benefits?  OH man, the benefits. Each one of us believes that the other person's happiness is vital to our own and because of that we work pretty well most of the time.Sometimes we fall out of sync and we just take some time and reconnect. We focus on each relationship organically (BIG KEY WORD there) and the triad as a whole. Time truly does go a long way to providing the trust needed to allow a relationship like ours to flourish.

I am so grateful for their love, for the love they share with each other and the love they share with me. We took a trip up to Flagstaff to celebrate our anniversary this year.  As always we had a blast, I look forward to many more trips!

What else helps keep us together?

1. Communication.
2. Complete transparency.
3. Honesty.
4. Communication.
5. Each person having a true desire to see the relationship succeed. 
6. Laughter
7. The desire each of us have to be a source of strength for the other.
8. Friendship
9. Love
10. Respect for each other.

Moving forward we look towards hopefully being able to have our marriage recognized as well. We hope to provide education and awareness and to shatter the mindset that only two people can love each other.