Thursday, August 21, 2014

ALS Awareness

I admit I was once one of those people finding myself a little bit frustrated at all the ice challenge videos.  I'm human. Shoot me.  But then I watched this video and felt completely humbled by what Anthony shared with us. It was a true raw emotion that can only be felt when you've just realized your life has radically shifted its course.  That's an emotion I know. SO share on my friends.  Share this video, share it a thousand more I will gladly watch them all and smile right along with Anthony.   

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Love good questions!

Randy recently had to have a routine procedure.   While he was in recovery the doctor came in to report his findings and started the conversation by asking who Anne and I were.  Anne said "We are his wives."  The doctor said "Excuse me, what?"  So that starts the typical process.  Anne leaves the initial explaining up to me because I have it down, or so she says.  I'm pretty straight forward about it.  I identify us as a poly-fi triad basically explaining that we are just like a monogamous couple but there are three of us.  I love her and him.  He loves the two of us.  She loves me and him.  It's pretty simply when you get right down to it.

A lot of people at this point will typically leave it at that.  A common response is "Oh, interesting."  Sometimes people will ask more questions.  Usually from the guys it tends to hint towards something sexual and for the women who will ask it tends to lean towards jealously and wondering how two women can share one man.

This doctor went beyond that and asked really good questions.  He genuinely seemed interested in learning about our relationship structure. He said we are the first he has ever encountered.  LOL.  We are indeed a special breed I do suppose!  He asked what our biggest problem was.  Simple.  Communication.  (Thank you Google Calendar and Hangouts for helping us there!)  What happens if two of you split up? For us that is also simple, we'd still all be under one roof, but we don't see that happening!

At the end of the conversation he congratulated us on seeming happy and wished us well.  It was beautiful.  I LOVE answering questions.  Most of the time if asked in a non crude way I'll even answer personal questions.  I firmly believe that knowledge is power and in sharing our lives with others we educate and hopefully make alternative types of love not so scary and more accepted!

Is there anything you've been wanting to ask?  Ask away!!  I'll do my best to answer.