Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where to take this blog?

I started this blog with the intention of providing a straight forward glimpse into our world.  Early on when things were a little rockier I was as blunt and transparent as I felt I could be.  There were times when a blog post provoked a conversation in our house but that usually ended up being a good thing.  I had complete permission from both of my partners to write what I wanted to write in the blog.  

Then life happens.  I got sick.  Then I got a little better, but then I backslid.  It's hard to blog about being sick.  I don't really talk about being sick on Facebook.  I don't really talk about it with family or friends.  The only people that know how sick I've been are the people in my immediate world.  The people that have had plans changed at a moments notice.  The people that have seen me wrench and curl in pain, vomit until there was nothing left, then vomit some more.  These people, my partners, and a few select friends have seen me through some very dark moments.  I don't know how to blog during those moments.  I don't know how to put on a face so I haven't been blogging.

One thing is for sure.  Illness either brings a family together or it tears them apart.  Lucky for me and mine,  it brought us closer together.  We were fortunate to be strong beforehand.  Even through that first year of bumps I knew deep down these were my peeps.  The loved they showed me was unlike any other I have ever experienced.  It was truly unconditional and still is today. We are also fortunate that we have pretty darn good communication skills and have no problems laughing at ourselves. 

So, back to that original question.  Where to take this blog?  Friday, October 18th will mark my last day working in the professional capacity in which I was trained.  I can't do my job anymore.  I could be sad and maybe even mad about that but what point would that serve? Anger only hurts me and the people I love.  Instead I am going to try to focus on the things I do enjoy.  This blog being one of them. It is my hope to soon come out with a LONG update blog.  

Until then...