Monday, March 19, 2012


One of the goals that we have as a family is to ultimately be able to buy land in the country and build a monolithic dome.  Here is a link to in case you want to know more.  They are *so* incredibly energy efficient AND the dome has the ability to stay cooler longer if we lose power.  Living in hot hot Arizona that's a big sell for me.

Anywho....   with this process comes my huge desire to be as self sufficient as possible.  I am a container gardener now (am not able to physically plant in the ground) and hope to expand that as much as possible.

I found a fantastic website that I'm really enjoying.  It's call Common Sense Homesteading.  I'm curious to know if anyone else is homesteading or trying to be more self sufficient?  Any tips, tricks, or goodies you wish to share?

I know this blog is suppose to be about things poly, but I feel this pertains.  As three we have to be extra careful to support ourselves and I think this helps.

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