Thursday, March 15, 2012

A closet built for three.

Recently we went to a home show.  You know those kind of shows held in a football stadium, packed with all sorts of goodies to see, think and dream about?  Oh if we only had an endless budget....   Anywho, we went with some specific things in mind.

Recently I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Annie has had Fibromyalgia for years.  (Not really fair to Randy, I say.)  With that said, it's really important for us to be able to move our bodies.  The downside is, moving our bodies hurts.  A heavy day of gardening or shopping or housework and we are both down for two days after. (Sadly, there's even times when doing nothing at all still has one or both of us down for the count.) Not so with swimming though. We can both swim (move our bodies) and not be in agony afterwards.  We live in the greater Phoenix area of Arizona so we get pretty good pool use from mid May until October, but we are looking to make it so we can swim year round for maximum benefit.

The other thing we wanted to accomplish by going to the home show was expanding our closet. I'm sure you can imagine three people in one bedroom sharing one closet. (Not to mention, the house was built in 1960, way before the era of the grandiose walk-in closet of some modern master suites.) Neither Anne or I are clothing freaks, but still Randy gets the short end of the stick.  At the moment we are spread out between closets in three rooms.  Comments like "What closet is that in?" are very common when going some place that requires above casual dressing.

While we were there (at the home show) we saw *so* many things that we could do with the house, it was almost overwhelming. We grabbed pamphlets and submitted our name and number for more quotes than I can count.  We came home from the show exhausted, but excited.

Since then we have had a couple of people over to look at the space and give us quotes.  Last night a guy - who seemed great by the way - thought we were joking with him at first.  The conversation went like this:

"Hi, my name is Jennifer. Come on in."
"Thank you," Contractor says.
"This is my wife Anne, our husband will be out shortly," I say.
"Wait, are you joking?  What did you just say?" says the Contractor.
"No, we're not joking and you did hear it right," Annie says.

Our husband enters. We get down to business and start talking and going over plans and ideas and somewhere in the middle of it the contractor kinda pauses and says, "You know, in my forty three years, I've never been introduced to people like you. Are you LDS?  My son is dating an LDS girl. We've seen a couple episodes of that show, Sisterwives."

My wife and I quickly chime in that we are not LDS. We are wives and have a romantic relationship with each other as well as our husband.  We all kind of chuckle and he says, "Well I guess man, that must be great."

Here is where you could totally see him wanting to high five Randy for "scoring" two chics in bed every night.  Randy does a good job of explaining it's not all threesomes and sex, in a few short words. No details, just "it takes work like any other relationship."

I chimed in with, "You're not in your bedroom one hundred percent of the time, right?" There was a moment of disappointment as his illusions were shattered, but it seemed he thought that was true.

 As he was leaving he says,  "Do you mind if I get a picture?  My friends are just never going to believe this!"

We have more people coming for quotes. In the end I'm quite sure our closet for three will be great.  Until then though I guess we will continue to shock and awe.  Who knew we were that great?!  lol

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