Saturday, December 24, 2011

One year anniversary!

Today, is not only Christmas Eve, but it marks the one year anniversary of all of us living together!  I'm reminded just how fortunate and lucky we are.  Through a year of some trials and tribulations, we have triumphed, together, happy, and excited about continuing our life together!

In many ways it is hard to believe it's been just a year of living together.  Some days I feel like I'm wrapped in my favorite pair of jeans.  Some days it is still fresh and exciting.  We come together at each moment in life between birthdays, death in the family, deaths of pets, we celebrate and mourn together.  I couldn't imagine my life without both of them.

As of now, all three of us are "out" to our family and friends.  We are slowly gaining acceptance when people realize that we are not much different than a monogamous couple. We love, we laugh, we cry, we hurt, we support each other, and we gain strength in knowing that we are moving through this journey of life with each other.

There is comfort and joy in that knowledge.

Happy Holidays to everyone!  May you be filled with love and joy!