Monday, July 18, 2011

To meet or not to meet

As anyone knows who has been reading my blog, I'm pretty new to Arizona. I also work from home and while I love working from home it doesn't give me much of a chance to meet new people.  So the question do you meet new people?  We aren't the bar kind of peeps. R. and I both love live music but sadly I sort of take issue with large crowds.  Well it's not so much the crowds as feeling trapped. Anyway, in any case it strikes off the bar scene, plus I would really prefer to meet like minded people.

So I have been exploring ways to meet new people. I joined the poly group for my area, I joined a local poly group, I even have an OKCupid profile which clearly states that I am married and only looking for friends. Yes, by the way, my partners know about it.

I have seen some discussions of these groups and neither leave me with a feeling of "oh, I want to be a part of that!"  So now what?  I have the feeling that neither of these two groups really contain people with the same mindset as us. We are practicing poly fidelity not just polyamorous.   Most of what I have seen is just married people looking for a casual partner.

The question becomes, do we go?  Do we go to a meetup trying to find people like us?  Or do we just pass it up?  What would you do?

By the way, this blog brought to you via Blogger for Droid and my oh my does that make me happy!!  :)


  1. I'd think it would be worth going to one or two meetings and see how you get on. If it's deathly dull, you don't have to keep on going, but you might miss meeting some truly like-minded people if you don't give it a go. :)

  2. "deathly dull".... I love it! :-)

    yeah, I think the general consensus here is go and check it out, so we are just waiting for the next meetup.

  3. I live in the south/US. I live out of any bustling city. I can't even get pizza delivered to my house. I have given up on meeting anyone much less someone poly, lol.