Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life in the everyday

Today A. had a doctor's appointment.  Though we don't all typically accompany each other to appointments, today happened to be one of those days where we did...

I tend to be a people observer.  I watch people, body language, mannerisms, and just about everything else.  A. fills out her paperwork and then asks if her girlfriend can come back for the procedure with her.  What does the receptionist think when she looks over and see R., A.'s husband and me?  Does she put it together?

Ultimately the answer was no, I couldn't go back given what was being done, so as A. gets called back she kisses me on the head.  R. and I begin our waiting process - sometimes chatting, not being affectionate necessary but I would think it would be obvious to an outsider that we were also together.

What does someone else think about that?  Do I care?  In a moment like that the answer is no.  I don't care.  Let the people guess.  However sometimes it will will I handle that situation?  Afterwards we went out to eat.  A and I were affectionate towards each other, at one point the three of us held hands together.  Do other people notice?

At the end of the day I think there are bigger fish to fry but sometimes I can't help but look around and wonder what other people may think.

If you're in a poly relationship, how do you handle this?  If you're not in a poly relationship, have you seen obvious triads - if so - thoughts?


  1. Oh, man -- almost every where we go, I wonder "what are they seeing?"! I don't think there's been an instance yet, when I have felt awkward or worried about showing my affection for either of "my peeps".

    I specifically wondered what the "I'm going to be in AA and NA" Mom thought of the three of us. :)


  2. I truly don't care what people think. I'm open & affectionate to my triad wherever we go. Most people can tell the 3 of us are together when we are out & about. No one has said anything negative to us but have gotten a few stares. I've told people outright that this is my bf & gf! I love ur blogs!
    ~ Stacey

  3. Stacey, you shouldn't care what other people think! It's old habit of mine and sometimes a hard one to break. We've come a LONG wayyyyyy since this point in time. Nowadays I most certainly don't care and if you catch me in a mood I might call a person on a nasty stare. :-)

    Thanks for the compliment! I hope to get the blog back up and running to where I am posting more frequently!