Saturday, December 11, 2010

One of many to come.

You may find that over the next eleven days or so I end up blogging a lot, because a lot is going on.  Not just within our relationship, but I'm also wrapping up a final semester, a full-time job, saying goodbye to friends, and from afar trying to participate in the setting up of our new home.  OH yeah, they just moved into our new home last Thursday.  So like I said, there is a lot going on.  ON that note....  right now (well, always), being this far away sucks.  They are tired and hurting and I am not there.  They are arranging furniture and belongings and I'm not there, not me or my belongings and it all just sucks.  I want to be there.  I feel like I'm missing out on the beginning of "our" chapter together.

Complete side note:  There is a group site I've found myself going to a lot lately and recently I struck up a conversation with one of the women there.  She's been in a long term relationship, which I enjoyed hearing about.  We talked about a variety of things, but one of the things we talked about whether or not He and I should sleep together while he is here helping me move there and She is waiting for us there.  Her and I have had alone time.  He and I have not.  The three of us have had time together.  I've really been thinking about what the girl from the group had said.  Am I somehow leaving Her out by sleeping with Him while we are here and she is there?  She had wanted to initially be somewhat apart of that first time and things just didn't work out that way, but I respect Her and love her deeply and ultimately would not want to hurt her feelings.  Yeah, Yeah, I know I just said in the last post that it will happen, but when you can avoid it you know, I think you should.

My mind is racing from clean the cat box, empty the fish tank, did I do this or that, boy I can't wait til I'm there, man I'm going to hate saying goodbye, I should be doing homework, it's cold in here, the dogs prolly need to go out, they aren't even my dogs, my desk is too small, I am not so sure I like this blue after all, i prefer hardwood floors, I should pack my shoes, I miss him, I miss her, I love the smell of her hair  *big breath*   Do you see?

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  1. I am 'not' going to ask who it was who advised you that way, but I have to tell you that there is a hell of a lot of unrealistic expectations in the Poly-Fi scene. A triad consists of three dyads as well as your unified triad, for the triad to run smoothly, those dyads should be running smoothly and they should be nurtured, you might not want to crow about it from the ceiling (it would be insensitive) but you can't be expected to not be intimate with your partner to spare another partners feelings when you are 'both' away from home, it is not a healthy way to start off your relationship.

    If you are concerned, talk to her directly about it, you'll probably find that she isn't as worried about it as your online friend has been.